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For low temperature -196 °C, high temperature 300 °C, with weather resistance, anti-aging. After practical application, if it is kept at a high temperature of 250°C for 200 consecutive days, not only Aluminum mylar the strength will not become low, but also the weight will not be reduced; at a high temperature of 350°C for 120 hours, the weight will only decrease by about 0.6%; at -180 °C can maintain the original softness under ultra-low temperature condition.

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3. Resistant to chemical corrosion, resistant to strong acid, alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents.
4. Drug resistance, non-toxic. Almost all pharmaceutical products can be tolerated.
5. With high insulation PET mylar performance (small dielectric constant: 2.6, tangent below 0.0025), UV protection, anti-static.

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